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Rich heritage of Jaipur warmly welcomes you!
One of Rajasthan’s most cherished cities surrounded by sand-stone forts and stunning palaces is Jaipur. This is a UNESCO World Heritage City famously known as the “Pink City of India.” The capital of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur embraces its heritage and culture through its food, music, historical sites and hospitable locals. The things you can do and see here are beyond imaginable, explore the century old structures that has gone through the worst of times like City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Amber Fort. Jaipur, founded in the year 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jaisingh II was once a throne to the clan of rulers. The city of Jaipur is aesthetically stunning with picturesque and precise architecture of palaces and forts. It is artistically blessed where you get the pleasure exploring the historic walled city that displays the states exceptional artisanship in bustling bazaars. Things you can see here have a nice blend of old and new, from exotic wares to tie-dye scarves, blue pottery to intricate jewellery design, and rich leather embroidered shoes. With its diverse architecture and local lifestyle, Jaipur reflects on the modernity even when surrounded by ancient royal culture. The city is an opulent destination filled with traditions, civilization, festivals, fairs, customs, cultures and monuments. It plays an important role and as a platform for various events like the much-anticipated Jaipur Literature Festival followed by Teej, Kite Festival, Elephant Festival and Diwali. Jaipur as a city today is a booming economy plus the country’s cultural centre.

Located amid the sparse land alongside the eastern border of the expansive Thar Desert, Jaipur is a city full of history and pride. Situated at an average elevation of 1417 ft. the city is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli hills and it shares its border with Pakistan on the western side. The city is also home to the salty water containing natural lake named Sambhar Lake. It has rich salt quality and the city’s main minerals like Silicon, Glass, White Marble, Dolomite, Iron and Copper. The two major rivers that flow through Jaipur are Sabi and Banganga.

The weather in Jaipur in September is warm with average temperatures ranging from a minimum of around 25°C (77°F) to a maximum of around 34°C (93°F). September is still part of the monsoon season in Jaipur, so there may be some occasional rainfall.

City Stats
Jaipur covers total is 11,143 sq. km area. This city's total population is 66,26,178 according to the 2011 census.

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